Bluegates Estate, Great Bromley

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5.26 hectares


Lowland mixed deciduous woodland

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A small triangular secondary woodland covering just under one Hectare situated almost opposite Carringtons Farm in the parish of Great Bromley. The area was formally a poplar plantation stocked with some scots pine, ash and sycamore. This has been felled and restocked with common oak and sweet chestnut under the WGS. The understorey is dominated by Bluebells. A weak hedge of largely Elm remains around the wood but there is no bank or ditch earthworks. There is a grove of Holly in the centre of the wood. A single house backs onto the wood. The wood has road frontage on its northern extremity. A deep ditch along this road frontage makes access difficult. The geology of the site is London Clay and Loam over Kesgrave sand and gravels.

Where is Bluegates Estate?

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