Danbury Country Park, Danbury, Chelmsford

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TL 771 048


41 acres




Wood-pasture and parkland

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Planned Woodlands Operations 2018-19

Soils at Danbury Country Park are sandy and free draining, with resulting oak, sweet chestnut and beech amongst others.  Oak is strongly light demanding, meaning that it suffers from too much competition.  The woods will be thinned to lighten the canopy, increase ventilation and promote the health of the beech and oak “veteran” trees.  In doing this, it will also develop a shrub layer, wild flowers and natural regeneration at ground level.  With more light and warmth under the canopy, it will increase habitat for biodiversity.

A lot of laurel is growing in the woodland area by The Lakes.  This is considered an invasive species which blocks the natural regeneration of native trees and shrubs and shades out wild flowers.  This laurel is to be pulled up and their area replanted with native tree species.  Holly is also very thick in the understorey, and will be thinned to increase light and ventilation for the health of the woodland ecosystem.

The tops of trees are termed “brash”, which can appear quite considerable after woodland work.  This disappears in a few years, after doing a job of protecting regenerating stools and seedlings or where it has been laid down as a mat to protect the woodland floor against compaction by machinery.

Prior to starting work, the area is surveyed for potential bat roots and other protected species’ habitat. This includes birds in the nesting season.  If any are found, that section of the work is protected by a buffer zone and resumed at a later date.


Where is Danbury Country Park?

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