Levelly Woods, Levelly Wood, Shalford Estate

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Levelly Wood and Wills Alley, both in the parish of Shalford, are situated adjacent to Shalford Park, an area of larger woodland, and just south of the former Shalford aggregate extraction area, now a landfill site. The combined area of Levelly Wood and Wills Alley is 3.27 Hectares. The geology of the area appears to be clay over mineral deposits.

Levelly Wood is almost certainly ancient semi-natural woodland, consisting largely of hornbeam coppice over bluebells and dogs mercury. It has a pond on its eastern edge. Wills Alley is ash and sycamore secondary woodland with occasional common oak, field maple and an area of sweet chestnut in the south. The wood has a third L-shaped area at the northern end of Wills Alley which contains a pond and has a stand type largely of hornbeam coppice.

Where is Levelly Woods?

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